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July 2022

Revival Meditation – Come to Your Senses!

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shared this Revival Meditation on 7/24/22, based on Psalm 34:8 and Hebrews 6:4-8. How we live before the unsaved is important.  It is a part of our witness to the unsaved, which is very important.  We must choose this day, whether we will commit our evangelistic purpose to either a quick quota or sincere salvation.  Will we give up our evangelistic post to join the status quo of pop culture? 

May the Lord be Satisfied with Me – A Revival Meditative Message

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shared this revival meditative message on 7/10/22 based on II Corinthians 2:14,15.  Hopefully, it will encourage us all to ask ourselves this question throughout each day and night – Is my life a sweet smell to God?  If we are to be living sacrifices, holy unto God, which is what should happen if we are truly saved by Him, then our heart’s desire should be to satisfy God’s nostrils with a heavenly savor.

Complementarianism in Crisis

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shared this message on 7/3/22 based on Genesis 1:27, 28.
According to a scholarly analysis by author Kevin Giles, the complementarian movement is in crisis.  This is the third message of this series, which uses chapter two of Giles’ book, What the Bible Actually Teaches on Women, 2018, published by Cascade Books.  Our study will continue to reveal the historical and cultural context in which biblical passages were set.

June 2022

The Greatest Hindrance to Revival

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shared this message on 6/26/22, based on Psalm 66:18.
The greatest hindrance to revival is not sin.  Sin is why we need revival.  The greatest hindrance is when we do not deal with our sin.  The Spirit seeks to pour in a new anointing of revival, but we need a hunger and thirst for it.

The Disciplines of Godly Fathers: A Revival Meditative Message

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shared this message on Father’s Day, 6/19/22, based on 2 Timothy 2:19.  This scripture outlines five disciplines that God’s grace can enable today’s godly fathers to practice daily, which will keep them in right standing according to their Heavenly Father’s holy will.

The Divine Confidant: A Mid-Series Revival Message

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shared this message on 6/12/22 based on Amos 3:3 and Psalm 25:14. 
When we assemble together correctly, attending to a common purpose, working with one accord to achieve an ideal, in essence, we are enacting our privilege of being in covenant, following after the guidance of The One we put all of our trust in, and His name is Jesus – Our Divine Confidant. 

What is Complementary Theology? Part 2

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shared this message on 5/1/22 based on Genesis 1:27-28.
What is the historical and cultural context that God intended for us to understand how men and women should respect each other?  Is the historical and cultural construct of male headship to be comprehended as freedom to interpret domination and inequality?  Is the subordination of women a creation-given construct?  The Bible chronicles the effects of that construct and reveals Heaven’s preferred alternative. 

May 2022

You’re Drifting Away…Repent and End Well! 

Assistant Pastor Lisa Norris-Jackson shared this message during her Tamar’s Oasis Women’s Ministry morning worship service on 5/29/22.  It is based mainly on Hebrews 3:14; 2 Chronicles 14:1-6; 16:1, 2, 7-12.  We must run well from the beginning of our faith journey unto the end.  Drifting away from trusting in the Lord’s will only brings disaster.  Pastor Lisa shared several ways of knowing if we are subtly backsliding.

The Test of the Yielded and Shielded

Sr. Pastor shared this message on 5/22/22 based on Romans 6:13.
There is an age-old conflict between God and spirits that oppose Him, and mankind is a major subject of this battle.  These spirits seek to abide in the minds of all sons and daughters of Adam and Eve, namely, all of us.  The leader of all rebellious spirits, satan, has deliberate strategies to frustrate the development of your God given faith, hope, and love, however, if you want, you can defend yourself against the devil’s onslaught of defiance.  

Biblical Principles for Godly Mothers – A Mother’s Day Devotional Message

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shared this message on Mother’s Day, 5/8/22.  It is mainly based on 1 John 3:18 and Proverbs 22:6.  Passing on Christian responsibility to our children means giving them the tools of discipline that will lead them to be governed by the Spirit.


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