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February 2024

Submitting and Committing as God Would Have It

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shared this message live at The Realm on 2/18/24, based on Philippians 2:3.  The highest level of fellowship, submission, the foundation of God’s grace, connects true disciples, while sufficiently satisfying all personal needs that we dare expose to our gracious Lord, Christ Jesus.  He himself had to submit to the sovereign will of God.  His faithful obedience to God serves as a model of our need to decommission our innate sinful nature, and allow the Holy Spirit to transform and renew us as we submit exclusively and completely to God.

Six Traits for People of Divine Purpose

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shared this message live on 2/11/24 at the Island Nursing and Rehab Center.  It is based on Psalm 139:14. When we are saved, Jesus gives us spiritual gifts that will make us special, useful, and needed by others in His Body of Believers.  He blesses us to be blessings to others.  It’s experiential, not merely   intellectual or verbal.

Become the Understudy of Jesus

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shared this message live at The Realm on 2/4/24, based on Galatians 5:16; 2 Corinthians 10: 3-6; and 2 Timothy 2:15.  True disciples must be disciplined by God’s presence in their life.  Are there do’s and don’ts to be considered?  Yes, but in this message and series we will be focusing on what can be done more than what cannot.  This will give you a more proactive advantage in living a holy life in this present world. 

January 2024

Holy Living in a Spiritually Fallen World

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shared this message live at The Realm on 1/28/24, based on Luke 24:46-49 and 1 John 3:8.  The spirit and mind of today’s society does not proceed from the Heavenly Father. His mind is not what pop culture promotes.  It promotes a love for passing things.  So many people and churches are seeking such fulfillment, but the human heart can never find complete, eternal

Five Traits of Christian Disciplemakers

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shared this message live at RACC, 1/21/24, based mainly on Matthew 28:16-20.  The Great and Eternal Commissioner, Jesus calls out to all souls, but few will choose to become His chosen – the choice breed of evangelistic followers who will become disciplemakers. They will walk diligently based on five traits, which are essential to the mind of Christ.

We Shall Overcome Evil by God’s Love

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shared this message live at the Island Nursing and Rehab’ Center in Farmingville, NY on 1/14/24.  The main Scriptures used were Hebrews 11:6; Revelation 12:10-12; and I Corinthians 13.  God seeks to give us all a new anointing of agape to help us overcome evil with good.  His will is that we value a right relationship with Him over the selfish advantages that our culture may promote.

Let Jesus Take Out Your Doubt – Prophetic Encouragement for 2024 and Beyond

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shared this message live at RACC on 1/7/24.  It is our prophetic New Year’s declaration based on Matthew 14:22-33.  How we look at things in life will affect our behavior in everyday decision making.  Many people can start on a journey of purpose, motivated to do what they feel they were born to do, or perhaps trained to do, but some do not reach the finish line. 

December 2023

Let God be Your Exclusive Thirst Quencher – A Prophetic Declaration for 2024 and Beyond

This brief meditative message was presented by Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson live at RACC’s New Year’s Eve Prayer & Praise Shut in Service on 12/31/23. It is based on Romans 6:13; James 3:8; and Matthew 12:34. We are required by God to offer our complete heart, mind, body, and soul for His service.

A Prophetic Teaching of Matthew – Jesus Came to Restore Us

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shared this message live at RACC on Christmas Eve 12/24/23.  Matthew is basically letting us know that God wants to clean us up and replace the old contents of sin that have been innately stored, with new and improved contents that only He can provide.  In Matthew 16:25 Jesus says that if we insist on preserving our way of life, with all its wrong hungers and desires, we will lose it eternally! 

A Prophetic Teaching of Malachi – Prepare the Way of the LORD

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shared this message live from RACC on 12/17/23 based on Malachi 3:1 and Mark 1:1-8.  During this Holiday Season and beyond, may we continuously realize that, our success in preparing the way of the Lord will involve submitting and committing to the teachings of Christ Jesus, and listening to what the Holy Spirit tells us to do.  This will enable us to keep our bodies prepared as His temples. 


More Soon to Come!