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May 2022

What is Complementarian Theology? Part One

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shared this message on 5/1/22 based on Genesis 1:27-28.
What is the historical and cultural context that God intended for us to understand how men and women should respect each other?  Is the historical and cultural construct of male headship to be comprehended as freedom to interpret domination and inequality?  Is the subordination of women a creation-given construct?  The Bible chronicles the effects of that construct and reveals Heaven’s preferred alternative. 

April 2022

The Blessing of Blessing the Lord – A Resurrection Sunday Devotional Message

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shared this Resurrection Sunday Devotional Message on 4/17/22 based on Psalm 103:1-5.
The blossoming of new plant life in the spring season naturally reveals the effects of how true faith in Jesus as Lord brings newness of life to all who are His covenant disciples.  Resurrection Sunday worship involves commemoration of how Jesus Christ chose to be the sacrificial substitute for the sins of lost man.  This message reveals three main historic, biblical testimonies that represent both the burden and blessing of activating true faith by worshipping Jesus as Savior and Lord.

The Sanctification, Sacrifice, and Song of God’s Servants

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shared this message on 4/10/22 based on 2 Chronicles 29:15-16 and John 18:1-3.
Jesus wants to renew our anointing, but we must earnestly seek God on personal and domestic levels, with effectual (productive, constructive, fruitful), fervent (sincere, passionate intensity) prayer and worship from a righteous life (in a right relationship with God). What are the significant observances of spiritual reform for our souls, our homes, our local churches, and society at large?

Develop a Sanctified Taste to Stay Spiritually Fit

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shared this message on 4/3/22 based on Psalms 34:8 and 141:1-10.  
This message is for anyone on the move to fulfill their purpose in God.  In the process of moving forward to fulfill that purpose, there is also a process of making God’s preferences your own.  Hopefully, the main imperative of this message will encourage you to realize that we cannot always trust our own innate tastes, but we can always trust the Creator of Holy Tastes.

March 2022

God’s Holy Love is Selfless

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shared this message on 3/20/22 based on Nahum 1:7, 8.
God knows that we will struggle with the eros minded spirit of egoism, the self-centered apathy that seems to be prevailing in this world.  It is even a struggle in many churches that value affirmation more than brokenness, because they fail to see the Nineveh that remains in all of us.

When God’s Grace Seems Like a Maze

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shared this message on 3/13/22 based on 2 Chronicles 6:29-31.
We tend to ‘fix our lives,’ arranging them for our own pleasure in ways that sometimes violate true biblical holiness.  When we build a love for a better life outside of the true leading of God’s Spirit, we will eventually corrupt our love for God.  That is pretty easy to do when lif

God Didn’t Write Us Off So We Should Never Stop Praying for the Lost

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shared this message on 3/6/22 based mainly on Ruth 4:14-15; Proverbs 18:21Matthew 19:26; and Hebrews 11:6.  It deals with the lie that ungodly or dysfunctional family members will never change for the better.  We tend to write them off as we begin to see them as incorrigible, or completely lost.  The enemy would like for us to go around prophesying against them in the name of pride and death, however God wants us to be His intercessors of grace and hope.

February 2022

The Deceitful Declaration That God Doesn’t Really Care

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shared this message on 2/20/22 based on Isaiah 42:13 and 1 Peter 5:6-7.
This message deals with a faulty phrase that is usually stated as a conclusion, which justifies us taking matters in our own hands.  It is a statement uttered when we are at our whit’s end and totally convinced that God is not showing us much loving attention.  So, in a huff of frustration and bitterness, in that state of mind we might be propelled to utter, “God doesn’t really care!”

Why Following Your Heart is a Really Bad Idea

Sr. Pastor shared this message on 2/13/22 based on Jeremiah 17:9 and Mark 7:21-23.  God does not want us on the unstable roller coaster of our emotions.  We will remain estranged from His perfect wisdom, which will lead to confusion in our lives – full of misdirection, instability, and dysfunction. 

Serving God Requires – The Grace of Forgiveness

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shared this message on 2/6/22 based on 2 Corinthians 6:1-10.  We live in a culture that believes woundedness – how others treat us, is a more serious problem than selfishness – how we treat others.  However, we cannot live a victorious Christian life in that mindset. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to enable us with godly faith, hope, and love (agape), which give us ever present access to a victorious life through Christ!  He can deliver us from ruts of unforgiveness where we might find ourselves believing the lie that we could never forgive certain people.


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