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February 2018

How to Secure God as Your Guide

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shares from Proverbs 3:5, 6 – God will bless our lives better than what our innate secular qualities have to offer.  So, it is highly advantageous for us to make provisions for the Holy Spirit in our everyday lives.

God’s Faithful Love Deserves My Undivided Attention

In this first message of the Series, Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson presents a Bible meditation based on Proverbs 21:3 – We cannot expect God to enjoy a relationship with us when we do things just to serve ourselves.  Becoming righteous in our own eyes is a proven way to sever a right relationship with God.  When our life choices are molded by an intense motivation to feel good or to fit in despite how they affect others, we become self-centered, and it becomes hard to have a healthy relationship with anyone, especially God.


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